Argote’s Flickr poster for IPB forums is a Web-App (still in Beta) which uses the Flickr API to get information for the photos of a particular Flickr user and generates BB code to post any of his/her images on IPB based forums and is “what I’m currently working on”.

While Flickr now gives you the BB Code to show the image and link back to the photo site directly on its site, my App also has the option of embeding the title, description, select EXIF data, location information, etc. into the post for the IPB forum.

These are the features or improvements I’m currently adding:

  • Integration with Google Maps for geotagged photos using the Google Static Maps API. UPDATE: Partially Done
  • Custom reordering of the information to add to the post, including drag and drop functionality. UPDATE: Done
  • A refactoring of the program flow. UPDATE: Partially Done

These are features or improvements I’m considering adding or will add in the future:

  • A preview section which would show what the final post could look like.
  • A code preview section which would show an example of the code to be generated.

I’ll keep updating this post as the project progresses. Feel free to comment.

The project is located on

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