One of the benefits of having a website is being able to get some general information about visitors to your site (such as knowing where they are from and what kind of equipment they’re using to visit) which can give you a glimpse of what people are using out there. There is a myriad of tools to do this available online but I’ve found that Google Analytics meets most of my requirements and is really easy to implement.

It’s been a bit over two months since I’ve started tracking visitors to this site using Google Analytics, I’d like to share some of the user data I’ve been able to collect since which I find it particularly interesting.

In that time (January 9th 2011 through March 13th 2011) there’s been 914 pageviews in 592 visits by 463 unique visitors (most of that traffic was to my solutions to Facebook Hacker Cup problems). Those 592 visits came from 64 different countries and 266 different cities (plus a small number of visitors for which location could not be resolved)., Visitors by Country

The 10 countries with the most visitors were:

    Mexico (152)
    United States (130)
    India (47)
    United Kingdom (23)
    Russia (15)
    Spain (13)
    Brazil (13)
    Australia (12)
    Germany (12)
    Netherlands (12), Visitors by City

The 10 cities with the most visitors were:

    Monterrey, Mexico (93)
    Mexico City, Mexico (18)
    Redmond, USA (11)
    Moscow, Russia (9)
    New Delhi, India (9)
    Bucharest, Romania (8)
    Mumbai, India (8)
    Oaxaca, Mexico (7)
    Ensenada, Mexico (6)
    Seattle, USA (6)

What’s more interesting though, is the use of different Browsers, Operating Systems and Screen Resolutions amongst visitors to my site.

Browser Use

We can see from this data that browser use amongst my visitors is mostly either Firefox or Chrome which is in line with what one expects when most visits come from programming related sources.

Operating System Use

As for OS use, Windows is dominant though the use of Linux and OSX clients is significant (again to be expected given the content on the site). Windows XP use surprised me a bit though; its use remains relatively high though it could indicate accesses from work locations since many companies have been reluctant to move on from Windows XP.

Screen Resolution Use

It is interesting to note that a lot of people out there seem to be using relatively low Screen Resolutions, though few use something as low as 1024×768 or 1024×600, this seems to confirm that 1280×800 is the target resolution to design a website for though it is not a resolution I’d be happy using on my main computer.

Overall, these usage patterns are in line to what is expected for people who have landed on my site mainly due to a programming contest and the highly programming oriented nature of the site itself.

I will make a followup post regarding visits to my web-app Argote’s Flickr Poster for IPB Forums, visitors to it are vastly different than those to the main site since it is mostly used by photographers who are usually not as technically minded.

p.s. Graphs were made using the excellent Google Charts API while the maps were extracted directly from Google Analytics.


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