I had recently been looking for a good version control system in which to keep track of my personal projects. I had looked for several alternatives and considered hosting a Git or SVN server myself, however I ultimately chose to go with github since it is a nice, publicly accessible solution which suits my current needs well (I don’t have a need for a private server and my projects are Open Source) and I had heard and read a lot of good things about it.

I was a bit shocked at first to know that the most popular (and apparently the only “complete”) way of controlling one of the most popular and hyped Version Control Systems out there was through a Command Line Interface. My previous experiences with SVN, CVS and CMVC had all been through GUI based systems integrated into an IDE. After a using it for a bit though, it seems to work very well and have had no major problems thus far.

Overall Git and github seem to be a good choice so far. The only downside could be the monthly fees on github if I want to have a closed-source project sometime in the future; I’m not currently contemplating this though.

My repository is publicly accessible and located on this web address: https://github.com/argote/


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5 Responses to First Experiences with github

  1. Leamsi says:

    So… this is an alternate way of viewing Flickr’s pictures? Or am I missing something?

  2. Leamsi says:

    Also… how are you liking git under windows? I hear that the windows version usually lags behind and is kind of crappy, but I don’t know for real.

    Unless you are not using windows, which I would have a hard time believing.

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